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Every single property buyer has a different approach to real estate services and investments. Also, there are different levels of real estate services available to you based on your specific desires and requirements.

At Urban House Hunting LLC, we take pride in our legacy of developing quality-crafted luxury real estate. We are proud of being among the most trusted companies in our field, not only in Florida, but also in U.S. At the core of our organization is the vision to provide the highest quality customer experience. We are one of US leading Luxury real-estate developer, with currently having a portfolio of about millions square feet spread across dozens projects.

The projects span across residential and commercial portfolios and are iconic landmarks. In our relentless endeavor towards financial prudence and sustainable growth, with lowest net debt equity ratio, and strong cash flows, we are amongst the top listed developers. Our ultra-luxurious projects are a testament to our pioneering industry leadership in luxury creation, quality craftsmanship and research-centricity. We are renowned for selecting strategic locations and creating sustainable spaces.

Furthermore, we have been awarded triple ISO certifications, namely ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System, and ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System. With these certifications we reinforce our promise to deliver world-class properties that are luxurious and environmentally sustainable.

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Our Protfolio

Ranked by the National Multifamily Housing Council as one of the largest developer, our projects span every form of rental housing from student to senior and from urban mixed-use projects to warehouses. Supported by Urban House Hunting business model and our unique ability to own, operate, and develop properties around the world, our team has an unmatched view of the industry. Through our track record, we have been fortunate to develop great relationships with many valued lenders and investors. We look forward to expanding on those existing relationships and building new ones. The experience of our people, their innovative thinking, our commitment to quality, and a culture built on trust will continue to be the foundation of the communities that we develop and construct. Major construction projects are complex undertakings, often involving dozens of subcontractors and suppliers, thousands of workers, and millions of dollars in material, equipment, and services. Orchestrating such operations demands first-rate construction management―something We have provided for decades on projects big and small around the world.

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Why Us

  • 01Effective management

    We provide a level of expertise that helps in identifying potential challenges ahead of time and then bring solutions to each challenge that is encountered. In addition to the traditional responsibilities of managing cost, schedule, quality and safety; we have employed the in-house expertise of our multitude of engineers to help bridge the gap between the architect and their consultants and our trade partners to ensure the highest level of coordination and clash detection takes place far before construction or installation take place.

  • The life cycle of a construction project is one of a complex array of moving parts and pieces made more difficult today than ever before due to the inherent challenges associated with elevated construction costs, lack of skilled labor, and often difficult regulatory and zoning requirements. We provide unrivaled preconstruction services by continually pushing the envelope in model-based costing and scheduling, laser scanning, and virtual and augmented reality to deliver true preconstruction services rather than just pure estimating. Creating predictable outcomes requires a team focused environment where all stakeholders professionally challenge one another to think differently to align our client’s vision of program and architectural intent while maintaining cost.

  • As we transform our clients’ visions into realities, we make them sustainable in every sense – technically, socially, commercially, and environmentally. With a forward-thinking, lean and green approach. We make it our goal to work with you to identify and deliver solutions that achieve maximum ROI. Whether you’re wishing to pursue certification or integrate sustainable building features within your project, investing in the long-term payoff is just smart business. We understand that such building features are of interest to many of our clients and provide opportunities for cost savings in operations, energy consumption, and increased occupant productivity and health.


Our services extend beyond buying and selling real estate. We advise on the purchase of real estate for residency and EU citizenship. For those looking to sell residential or commercial real estate abroad, we have a network of contacts and resources to simplify the process.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our experienced team works efficiently and effectively to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. We believe that timely delivery is key to building lasting relationships with our clients and we are committed to exceeding your expectations in every way possible. Trust URBAN HOUSE HUNTING LLC for all your real estate needs and experience the benefits of working with a company that values your time as much as you do.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to help you make informed decisions about your development, construction, or property management needs. Our expert consultants understand your unique requirements and goals and provide their expert insights and guidance on the various options available to you, helping you to make an informed decision that aligns with your vision and budget.

Invest, Finance & Value

Get specialized advice and find investment opportunities to fuel your future.

Design & Build

Create transformational spaces that support your business, clients, communities and the environment.

Manage Properties & Portfolios

Maximize the value of your portfolio with end-to-end solutions that bring together talent, technology and data.

Overseas Property

Apartments, condos, townhouses, houses and villas for own living and investment. We make the optimal selection of investment objects with a yield of up to 10%. We offer objects at a discount and new buildings at an early stage of construction. Read More

We realize exclusive objects and offers in a closed sale.

We represent the interests of the client when buying and renting real estate. We advise on the transaction before registering the property. We represent the interests of the owners and give an independent assessment. Read More

Construction Management




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Want to learn more about URBAN HOUSE HUNTING LLC? Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions.

  • What is our preferred contract size?

    Typically, we work on projects that are within the $10,000 – $45,000,000 range. We have in-house talent and a network of subcontractors who are well-experienced and prepared to handle large projects. That said, we don’t shy away from “smaller” projects. We have a specified team of construction professionals experienced in the intricacies of projects of this size. Regardless of size, we ensure each project is allotted the talent and attention required to complete it successfully.

  • Urban House Hunting starts every project with a relationship-based approach. This helps us understand what our clients truly aim to accomplish and how they’d best like to accomplish it. This relationship provides a solid foundation upon which the rest of the project will be built. Our relationship-based approach naturally positions us well for design-build projects, but we also bring this team-oriented, collaborative mindset to any construction project, regardless of project delivery method —and your project will benefit from that. We remain your advocate throughout the project and will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure your vision is brought to reality.

  • Your construction project’s duration will vary greatly depending on several project-specific factors, like the project’s size and complexity. Smaller projects may be completed in a few weeks or months. Larger projects can take several months or years. Regardless, your project’s schedule should be clearly communicated and remain updated throughout the process.

  • A great way to ensure you’re selecting the right construction team is to take a look at their past projects and references. If they’ve worked on projects similar to yours in the past and have glowing reviews from these projects, it’s a good sign they can replicate this success. You want to ensure you are selecting a team that can deliver your project on time and on budget. But choosing a construction team should go beyond price. Factors such as company stability, areas of expertise, values, safety, and methodology are also important considerations.

Maintenance services cleaning and remodeling


All services are completed by our in-house team. But should we need to contact a third party company for issues like plumbing, foundational repairs, or pest control, you can count on us to handle these for you with businesses we trust.

Our maintenance services include but are not limited to:

Professional Decorating
Kitchen Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Complete Property Remodeling
Cleaning Services
24/7 Emergency Maintenance Services

Commercial Properties

We eliminate the anxiety associated with commercial construction by offering a detail-oriented process leading to predictable results. We have worked on commercial projects ranging from general office buildings to specialized and technical projects such as world-renowned performing arts buildings. While the building and building owners’ needs vary widely, our commitment to deeper preconstruction planning creates reliable outcomes and a smoother construction process. We work seamlessly with the entire project team, keeping all eyes on the unified goal of meeting your objectives for functionality, operability, lifecycle, and aesthetics. With experience as our guide, we work to minimize operational expenses, offer value enhancement suggestions when appropriate, and execute LEAN practices to minimize waste and maximize value. From renovations to new buildings, offices to mixed use to varied commercial environments, we deliver buildings built to match the particular business needs of our clients. Contact Us

Overseas Property

We offer a variety of properties including apartments, condos, townhouses, houses, and villas for personal living or investment purposes. Our team of experts can help you make an optimal selection of investment objects with a potential yield of up to 10%. We also provide consultation services on purchasing real estate to obtain residency permits and EU citizenship. For those looking to sell residential or commercial real estate abroad, we have a network of contacts and resources to help streamline the process. We take pride in staying up-to-date with trends in foreign real estate markets and hold client events to share our knowledge with our clients. Contact Us


Whether you're looking to buy, sell or manage a property, Urban House Hunting LLC is here for you. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service that caters to each client's individual needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your real estate goals or visit www.urbanpropertyhunting.com for more information. Contact Us

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